Dylan O’Brien attends the Teen Wolf panel at SDCC 2014 

Artsy Giveaway!


About the giveaway

I’ve been gaining so many followers lately and also heaps of support from all of you, so I wanted to give something back by hosting a small giveaway. It’s not much but these are tools that I use in my own work and also enjoy very much. I’ll also add the sketch as a small extra gift.


 - 1 Original Drawing

 - 1 Pigma Micron 0.3mm

 - 1 Pigma Brush

 - 1 Conte Sketching Crayons, Limited Edition

How to win

All you have to do is follow me and like or reblog this post. Reblogging is not a must but it’ll increase your chances of winning, as your name will be listed twice. 

I’ll pick a random person on July 31st and announce it in a separate post. The winner will also receive a message in which I notify him of winning. If I don’t get a reply after 3 days, I will pick another person.

I will cover the shipping fee.

Thx again for all the attention you have given me and my artwork, it means a lot!


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